19 Mai How good is my Phone Reception? That’s how you can measure your iPhone’s and iPad’s exact signal strength

The cell signal bars in the menu provide only little help for everyone who wants to determine the exact quality of the received signal or find the place with the best possible signal strength within their office or at home. The bars often show a stronger signal or react with time delay. The solution to this is a hidden tool that Apple built in iOS. It was originally intended to enable iPhone technicians to check the exact strength of the received signal of the iPhones. SCESITO shows how to determine the signal strength of your device:

  1. Open phone app
  2. Select number pad
  3. Type *3001#12345#*
  4. Push the green call button
  5. Read the figure which appears on the display at the top on the left
  6. Use the home button to leave the field test

Empfangstatus abrufen_iPhone_iPad

Meaning of the numbers: The signal strength ranges from -40 dBm (full signal strength) to -120 dBm (no signal). Signalsttärke_Bandbreite_iPhone_iPad_Scesito



Starting with -75 dBm, the iPhone shows full signal which equals 5 bars. A signal strength below -100 dBm are 2 bars and means a significantly reduced signal. Starting with less than -120 dBm, the iPhone shows „no signal“. Apart from the speech quality during a call, the signal strength has an influence on the power consumption of the device, too. In the event of bad reception, the iPhone will increase the transmit power causing the accu to run out a lot quicker. Everyone who considers the running time of the accu of the device as particularly important, should always keep an eye on the signal strength.